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Facebook Layouts are the most desired feature of the Facebook era. Everyone loves layouts,backgrounds, new wallpapers and any new design its all baout being updated with the latest skin. So we are bringing them to you for free! Yes, free!! Now that is what I am talking about. The key is to get every layout that you want. Why haven't you already put a layout on your page? Maybe you are behind or a just a little slow. All of the smart people are already changing their layouts daily. It's up to you to take action. Go now and download all the new layouts so that you can be one of the bright ones.

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You can add any background you like to your Facebook page and even customize your profile with just a couple of clicks.

Step 1. Install the component: "By installing you accept the terms and conditions of the service".

Step 2. Save the file here is an example: Click "Save File".

Save File

Step 3. Double click the "Setup.exe" which will start the installation.

Double Click

Step 4. Double click the "OK" button to finish the installation

Press OK

Step 5 Follow the steps to complete the setup

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Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. When compared to other less popular sites, Facebook is used more often even though people have accounts with many social networks.  Why is that? Well for starters, Facebook has a simple design and application. Secondly, Facebook basically uses all of the features of the popular networking sites and combined them into one. Everything you could possibly think of is now possible. But Wait! Facebook almost left out one possibility - to change your personal background. Well Surprise! Now you can even change background layouts for Facebook. Enjoy Free Layouts updated daily.

Facebook layouts and Facebook Backgrounds Your own Layout for Facebook

Finally you can enjoy the layouts on your Facebook account. Do not forget to tell your friends about the site and the new Facebook skins. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the layouts on their profile, so spread FREE.

We would like to thank our community of users for supporting our site. We are happy to provide the best layouts to everyone. We are constantly working on new wallpapers and themes for our users. We are now going to release custom wallpapers and backgrounds created by the users. That’s right!  Now you can create whatever wallpaper or Facebook theme you want on your Facebook page.

The free download is only for the smart people.

Facebook layouts and Facebook backgrounds are the single best thing to ever happen to Facebook. Cool new layouts will be added daily to make your profile special with your own Facebook Wallpaper. Don’t forget to let all of your friends. They can change their Facebook backgrounds too. Go get your Facebook wallpapers now!

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We have been around for a long time, and we pride ourselves in bringing you; the lovely user up to date facebook layouts. No one said it would be easy but we stuck it out just for you so you can make change. Life is funny sometimes you wake up and realize what have I been doing wrong. Am I really living my dream or am I just getting by. Well Today I realize that I have to give it my all and I promise to find you the best themes wallpaper or anything else that you need. I won’t stop until everyone is happy with their facebook page. I am now opening the request line up for anyone that wants custom facebook layouts. Just drop me a line and I will handle your request in order that I receive them in. I’ve been looking into facebook covers and I can make anyone or any kind that you will like. Thanks to everyone that supported this year 2013 will be the year of the layout. With that being said get ready for the latest and greatest layouts the internet has ever seen. Will you dare to be different this year? Heck yes!! we will be so different we will start a new trend. Im going to call it different layouts the only way to be you is to be different.